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The Curb Creators Program

We partner with select brands & influencers for collaborative marketing exposure

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How it works

The Curb Creators program accelerates partners’ visibility with millions of impressions of exposure across Taxi TV, while giving Curb reciprocal distribution.

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Custom models
We collaborate on custom models tailored to each partner’s specific goals. They come in all shapes and sizes.
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New distribution
Both partners and Curb gain millions of impressions to new audiences through reciprocal distribution.
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Meaningful growth
We help attain KPIs with click-thru's and calls to action in order to track growth.

Driving Awareness, Reach, and Engagement

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Subway Creatures


Deliver hyper localized content to taxi riders on a weekly basis.


Increase follower count and engagement on their viral video accounts while also promoting Curb by offering exclusive ride discount offers.


Launched a premium ad spot and geo-targeted action banners on 5,000 Taxi TV screens in New York City, as well as a monthly dedicated Curb post and story.

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13.8 M


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17 %

Increase page traffic

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9.2 %

Increase in audience engagement

Meet our Creators Partners
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