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We are reimagining urban mobility

Who We Are

Formerly Verifone Taxi Systems, we are a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company with deep roots in the taxi and for-hire industry. Curb Mobility provides products for mobile app solutions, effortless payment, paratransit, business travel, and advertising that reaches captive audiences of millions.


Our Mission

We are creating a comprehensive mobility platform for operators to efficiently manage their vehicles and drivers, for regulators to be informed and establish guidelines, for service providers to deliver sustainable, future-proof solutions, and for riders to have an effortless transit experience.

We are providing our US partners with opportunities to efficiently connect with audiences to meet their business goals as well as provide riders and the public with relevant local content and advertising to help them stay connected while on the go.

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Our History

Metrometer 21R developed

Amos Tamam, then founder of Metro Shop and President of TaxiTronic in New York City, led the development of the first credit card taximeter, the Metrometer 21R.

TaxiTronic outfits 3,000 taxis

Through a successful partnership with the New York City Taxicab and Limousine Commission (TLC), TaxiTronic outfitted over 3,000 taxis with hardware to accept credit cards – a milestone in the history of NYC’s iconic taxi business.

TaxiTronic partners with Verifone

TaxiTronic partnered with Verifone, Inc., the global payments processor, to form Verifone Transportation Systems (VTS) and continue upgrading the taxi payment experience in New York City and beyond.

Verifone acquires Curb

Verifone Transportation Systems acquired the Curb taxi app in 2015 to offer a viable alternative to Uber and Lyft, helping taxi drivers compete in the rapidly changing on-demand transportation field.

Curb Mobility is born

Verifone Transportation Systems separated from Verifone, Inc and, in February 2018, Curb Mobility was born. Today, Curb Mobility continues to lead the way in equipping taxis, riders, and business owners with the transit tools of the future, all while reimagining urban mobility in the process.


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