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Access, deploy, and manage rides for caregivers, health staff, and NEMT patients.

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The Curb Health platform enhances patient care

Curb partners with healthcare organizations to coordinate rides for patients & staff using a HIPPA-compliant dashboard or API.

Our solutions
Simplified healthcare rides, from start to finish

Curb partners with healthcare organizations to coordinate rides for patients & staff using a centralized, user-friendly dashboard or API.

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Improving patient outcomes

When patients lack access to transportation services, they miss out on medical care. We solve this problem.

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Enhanced caregiver experience

Ensure caregivers can get to patients by reducing no-shows and improving operations.

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Simplified administration

Administrators control healthcare based ride journeys in a universal tool, with real-time tracking, trip coordination, and billing transparency.

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Reducing your healthcare costs

Curb Health helps reduce healthcare costs by enabling access to preventive appointments and improving operational efficiencies.

"Curb and its leadership brass have been excellent partners to Kinetik, and we are extremely pleased to share our commitment to improving healthcare access throughout local communities. Through our partnership, we have been able to provide not only an enhanced member experience but a seamless end-to-end solution across the wider NEMT marketplace."

Sufian Chowdhury, Kinetik

Here’s how Curb Health works
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Request a health ride

A coordinator uses the Concierge dashboard or API to request a ride on the patients, caregivers, or staff's behalf— on demand or for a future date.

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Logistical coordination

Once the ride is requested, the healthcare rider receives a text or call with their trip details. They receive another when their driver is on the way. A care coordinator can track the ride in real-time and identify if additional attention or intervention is needed.

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Ensure ride completion

The healthcare rider is picked up and dropped off. The care coordinator can see when the ride is completed.

We help simplify logistics for healthcare organizations

Curb Health can help reduce logistical barriers to care while improving operational outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem.

Health Plans

Design your benefits to address transportation access among patients and caregivers. With Curb Health, you get access to mobility for your members.

Health Systems and Providers

Improve discharge workflows, decrease no-shows, and create operational efficiencies with inter-facility transportation.

Brokers and Transportation Providers

Make Curb Health part of your network. Focus your fleets on higher-margin and high-acuity rides by using Curb Health to arrange.

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Patient safety and privacy are top priorities

Our dashboard is HIPAA compliant, while our technology enables us to focus on safety before, during, and after every trip.

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What do we offer?

Riders have various booking options. Self-service, concierge, or requesting a ride through a call center

With Curb Health, the days of locating receipts and expensing at the end of the month are over. Riders can now easily separate rides between  “business” & “personal.”

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