Curb Business

A simple and scalable transportation solution for your company.

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We partner with organizations by giving their people direct access to our entire supply of vehicles.

Manage trips through your dashboard

Streamline expensing & accounting

Multiple booking options for riders

We’ve partnered with various industries

Higher Ed

Public & private universities and schools.


We help patients and caregivers get around.


Corporations with thousands of employees.


Paratransit organizations across the US.


Travel companies withunique needs.

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Featured Industry
Curb Health

Access, deploy, and manage rides for patients, caregivers, and healthcare staff.

Whether your transportation needs are, we help streamline your logistics.

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"Through our partnership with Curb, we've tackled the longstanding challenge of streamlining taxi services for our corporate clients. Our enterprise solutions offer automated ride access, payments, and reporting and through Curb's technology, we are now able to include taxi service nationally. This has ensured a smooth experience for ground transportation and travel managers, bookers, and passengers, all while adhering to compliance and client policies."

Jeff, HQ Travel

Integrated Solutions

Riders have various booking options self-service, concierge, or requesting a ride through a call center.

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Is Curb available in my City?

Curb is available in NYC, Chicago, Boston, Philly, DC, South Florida, New Orleans, Southern California. We open new markets every week to potentially accommodate your need. Learn more about our markets here.

Is Curb taxi only?

Curb offers taxi and regulated black car services. We can accommodate your businesses transportation needs in most the markets available.

I want to use Curb business. How do I get started?

First, sign up at Then, we’ll take you through a few quick steps to find the right product for you, get your account settings in place, and invite members of your team.

How customizable are Curbs business solutions?

Curb offers a mobile application, web application, API integration and several other products o build a solution for your business needs.

Is there a minimum number of employees to use Curb Business?

We offer plenty of solutions to scale to the size of your business.