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The easiest way to get taxis for your guests.
Curb Products


The easiest way to get taxis for your guests.

What do we offer?

Multiple Booking Methods

Book trips for your guests and clients with any number of devices including tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

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24/7 Agent Support

Every trip is supported by our agents 24/7 and we provide peace of mind that your guests and clients are all taking trips with licensed professional drivers.

Volume Flexibility

Our platform provides you with the ability to book multiple trips for guests and clients and schedule them in advance for any time.

Ready for Guests

Curb Concierge allows you to request taxis for your guests or clients without leaving your desk. You can book as many cars as you need at one time for immediate pick-up or up to 24 hours in advance. This tool is perfect for hospitals, hotels or any business that needs on-demand transportation.


Easy to Schedule

Simply input patron information and request their ride. They will receive SMS text updates about their taxi – including vehicle number and ETA – or they can track their ride via the Curb rider app. Guests can pay for their rides with cash or a credit card, or with the Curb rider app. You can also pick up the fare for VIPs by connecting your house account to your Concierge portal. Medicare and Medicaid billing is available for health center clients.

Have questions?

For more information about setting up concierge for your business,
please reach out to our sales team.