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174M+ impressions across 13,000+ screens nationwide

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Dynamic, entertaining content
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Interactive capabilities
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Case Studies

A small electronic tablet shows three men wearing elegant suits and the J.Crew brand's banners on both sides of the screen.



Generate awareness for a new suit portfolio.


Drive traffic to specific stores located in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and San Francisco.


Ran a 30-second premium spot and geo-targeted action banners on 9,250 Taxi TV screens throughout the five target DMAs.

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6 M


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10 %

Website traffic

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4.5 %

Increase in-store foot traffic

Card terminal device with a touch screen and numeric buttons. The screen shows the Aria hotel and casino brand's venues and some options screen buttons on the right side.

Aria Resorts


Educate Vegas travelers on features and amenities, while also testing the efficacy of the Taxi TV experience.


Target travelers via a custom-built suite of tablet apps installed on 700 taxis servicing the Vegas area.


Featured 13 minutes of content, special offers, and SMS integration for reservations and ticket purchases on the tablet apps.

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90 %

Rated App

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Pages View per Avg. Session

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50 %

Riders Favorable Perception

Photograph from the back of a car seat with a tablet device attached and a Card terminal at the left side. The tablet screen shows a furniture brand and the Card terminal's screen shows Apple Pay system is accepted.

Apple Pay


Increase contactless payment usage in taxis equipped with Curb.


Encourage awareness by displaying the Apple Pay acceptance logo on taxi terminal screens, which are on full display for 100% of every ride.


Deployed this payment terminal and TTV campaign in all markets from late May until November.

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54 %

In-Taxi Brand Recognition

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136 %

Increase in contactless payment

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