Los Angeles

Curb Los Angeles

Covering southern Los Angeles County, Curb can take you wherever you need to go in LA. From the Staples Center to the Santa Monica Pier, your Curb driver will expertly navigate the city to serve you.

Los Angeles Taxicab Rates & Information

Curb utilizes Upfront Pricing in Los Angeles in order to provide price certainty and transparency to both riders and drivers alike. Your Upfront Fare includes all estimated tolls and government-mandated taxes/surcharges (which may be adjusted based on actual route taken). Any tip you select is applied at the end of the ride and is not included in the Upfront Fare.

Upfront Fares are based on expected travel time and distance for your booked pickup and dropoff in compliance with local taxi regulations.  For more information on standard taxi meter pricing and applicable taxes and surcharges, please see below.

Los Angeles Taxi Meter Pricing Table

Local Partners

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